Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Rubber Strap Collection

I’m sure that somewhere along the line you have heard of it, either by the name of “Swimming Anime” or by it’s actual title Free!. I have to admit that I wasn’t that keen on watching it when I saw the first promo video, but then I gave in, watched the first episode… and spiraled downward into an obsession 😐

So it’s probably no surprise that some merchandise items are finding their way into my collection. This time it’s the “Free! Rubber Strap Collection” which, to my knowledge, is only available through the Animate Online Shop. Since it doesn’t ship outside Japan, that of course means that I had to go with a proxy service in order to get my hands on them. My service of choice is Yokatta, since they’re the cheapest service I know. (That being said, I plan on making a post about proxy services and how to use them, so watch this space!)

Now on to the straps:


As you can see, they came in a nice long, rectangular box. One box equaled 6 straps and fortunately it included the whole set that is presented there and not just a random assortment. Of course it was also possible to only buy one strap (for 473 ¥ or 4.7 $/3.6 €), but I needed the whole set (for 2838 ¥ or 28 $/21.4 €) for obvious reasons.


This is the outside of the box, which shows the art style of the straps.


When you open the box, you see six tiny boxes with the straps, all neatly lined up.


And some more pics of the outside of the smaller boxes.


Here they are 😀 Aren’t they absolutely adorable? Of course you’re also going to get close ups of the different straps 😉


Haruka Nanase…


…Makoto Tachibana…


…Rin Matsuoka…


…Nagisa Hazuki…


…Rei Ryugazaki…


…and Iwatobi-chan, the mascot 🙂


A picture of the back as a bonus 😉

The straps all have the following measurements (for the boys):

Length: 6,7 cm (2,6 inches)

Width: 3,8 cm (1,5 inches) (along the widest part of the strap)

Measurement for Iwatobi-chan:

Length: 3,2 cm (1,3 inches)

Width: 6,7 cm (2,6 inches)

Unfortunately, the straps are sold out at Animate, but you might be lucky to find the set or single straps on ebay, yahoo auctions or Rakuten 🙂


About toshihakari

My name is Sabrina and I'm a 27 year-old manga/anime fan from Vienna/Austria. I've been a fan of Japanese animation for almost 17 years now and have been collecting merchandise for around 11 years. While I have always been obsessed with collecting things, I went through a phase of collecting J-Pop/J-Rock merchandise that lasted for about 1-2 years. The merchandise I order includes anime magazines, manga, figures, keychains, phone straps, artbooks, dakimakura, accessories and random stuff that I see and like :) I thought about making a blog for quite a while now, but I never quite knew what it should be about. It's only recently that I thought about what I love the most and what kind of content I would love to present and with that variety and frequency I get new stuff, it was clear that this was what I wanted my blog to be about. I also hope to post about upcoming releases that I plan to get or limited stuff (like crane game prizes or anikuji/lotteries). Enjoy your stay on my blog! :)
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